The Career Clarity Program - self-study

The Career Clarity Program - self-study

This is a self-guided program that will teach you the skill of getting clear on your career. 
You’ll learn a 4-step clarity process that will get you unstuck, clear on the steps you need to take, and motivated to make that career change of dreams! 

There are 6 modules to cover, so you can do this program in 6 weeks, or inhale it in one week - up to you!

You're in the driving seat!

Modules covered

Module 1: Vision

We start with exposing unhelpful narratives that keep your dreams small, then we get you dreaming big again so you can re-define your version of success and happiness. 

Module 2: Strengths

This module looks to identify your overused, underused and natural strengths so you get clarity on your unique set of strengths and experiences. Bonus result of this is that is dissolves imposter syndrome and ends comparison-itis.

Module 3: Values

Here, you get clear on your priorities which helps with decision-making. You discover your different drivers & how they change over time. 

Module 4: Interests

The ‘find your purpose’ and ‘follow your passion’ approach is BS. They’re too big of an ask which blocks your thinking. Instead, we simplify things and look for clues via your interests. 

Module 5: Mindset

In this module, we contest any limiting beliefs that may be lurking undetected and rewrite any unhelpful narratives. You will learn how to overcome perfectionist thinking and how to build bravery and cultivate courage. 

Module 6: Action

In the final module you're ready to take action - go job hunt, network, build connections and the rest. This module is packed full of tangible tips, resources and templates that overcome the most common hurdles such as how to ask people to connect you to others without feeling like a burden, what questions to ask when you go for coffee with someone and where to go to expand your network



If at any point you get stuck, you want to talk things through or just get some extra motivation and support - you can!

You can purchase additional 1:1 coaching which is a wonderful way to experience coaching and makes you extra committed to taking action.

Let's do this!


Here’s what people had to say about this course:

“It went by too quickly! I really valued the detailed effort Dina put into every video and worksheet. This course has helped me realise that what I want is achievable and this has given me the confidence to take action. The weekly tasks are personally thought-provoking and help you identify your options/ next move in incremental steps that when looking back over the 6 weeks you can see the link between each task." Helen MacNeary 

"The exercises we did are kind of 'out the box' with Dina's spin on them." Rob Pitman

"Dina is able to break down a seemingly overwhelming task (how to make a career change / working out what the next step is) into really simple, tangible tasks. Tasks that on the surface seem really obvious (surely everyone knows what they value, and what they are good at, right?), but when you really start to think about them, you realise you've never explicitly thought about it before, and it can be quite groundbreaking." Rebecca Wing

"Since doing this program, I have overcome few heavy self-beliefs that were blocking me. I kicked myself to try to think outside the box, and then get rid of the box completely. And I have been trusting the process in a positive way, letting good things happens." Michela Mallick

"Before the course I felt confused almost on a weekly basis, found it really difficult to define a clear vision for the long term. After the course I have a clear long term vision, I feel more focused, at peace and authentic." Francesca Banks

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